After an extensive mind battle either to attend or not which most times ended in procrastination, i finally decided to overcome the inherent laziness dwelling within.

Wasn’t much of laziness as it where it you look deeply into my reasons.

For starters, going down to the island from my current location was a journey on it’s own. One that required about an hour or more. But then where in Lagos doesn’t; especially on a weekend?

Also, the wisdom that accompanied being little in the cash Department was heavily upon me. So i decided to weigh my options; up until Thursday (Yesterday).

With the abundance of boredom plaguing my life all week, i decided to do something about it which was for me to attend SMW. But then i realised that i didn’t register for the entire week and the free session i had was long due (since Monday).

Still determined to get out of the house. I chatted with a friend that popped a bulb in my head.


We headed to one of our groups and asked for help. The kind of help that involved impersonation. Well, technically, i wasn’t that if the person was fully aware and gave his blessing. So say it was representation.

That being settled. On friday morning. There were Taxify codes flowing everywhere like streams. And this felt like butter-ing my bread.


I sharply starter the “going out rituals”. Masked my face, sort my outfit, clean my shoes, arrange the accessories. The hustle on picking what bag to carry was beyond my jurisdiction. I finally settled for a black purse as man cannot come and kill himself.

So, it turns out taxify doesn’t do pickup in my area so i decided i was going to take a bus to somewhere notable on the map of Lagos and place an order.

While leaving the house, a friend from NGI decided we linked up at Berger and i added that “let’s meet there and take the taxify”, knowing fully well that with the codes, it all will be a free ride lass lass.

So i headed out and joined a danfo going to Berger. The conductor and her driver; yes her cos she is a female conductor, began to inform us of the prices for each stop.

In my mind, i already concluded that i need not argue because i knew i had a free ride waiting for me and from experience, when such price inflations occur, i means there is mad traffic on the road.

…It means there is mad traffic on the road. So the journey began with 6 people in the bus, conductor and driver included. We kept going and there seemed to be no traffic, some people already began to complain of the transporters being cheats and all but my focus was catching up with the person waiting for me.

This is because i have learnt over time that the fun of going for an event is going with people you know; or at least acquainted with to some reasonable degree.

Then the bus driver decided to take a detour from the major road which caused a little uproar in the bus.

I just simply took to Google map and within seconds knew why. The traffic that lied beyond was going to last for about 1 hour 25 mins; a little kind of Something i encountered when i set out on Monday to go for SMW and ended up returning home.

In my heart of heart i was hailing the driver for being smart and all. Then a message came in on NGI group that taxify codes are no longer working.

Suddenly it hit me. Taxify played us strategically. Releasing a code for all its users would cause for a wide order base which in turn will increase the surge.

Taxify, well played.

While still wrapping my head around this the bus came to a stop. It was because we were faced by a private car whose driver is an elderly claiming that the bus was about hitting his car.

When we checked to see, it so happens that there was sufficient space for a person to pass in-between and this just made for everyone to laugh at the man and start a new chapter of discussion.

An elderly man in the bus starter to share his experiences on how he has been helpful to the elderlies before be became this frail. He spoke of how he saw a man that needed to wee and couldn’t unhook his trouser for certain reasons unknown to me.

So he (the man telling the tale) rushed up to the oldman and helped him unhook the trouser, brought out you know what and helped the man wee.

After the relief, the old man began to pray for him because if he hadn’t helped, the old man could have urinated on himself which is quite embarrassing if you ask me.

We ended the gist with how elderlies are likened unto babies; the cycle of life completing.

As at this time, the driver had manoeuvred his way to the source point of the traffic which turned out to be that Soilders were stop-and-seatching tippers before they entered into Lagos. This being that election is around the corner and they need ensure the safety of the state (if you know what i mean).

That is how we successfully overcame the traffic of a lifetime.

…Story continues soon…