I grief; don’t you?

Here I am; reflecting over the good old days when my innocence was intact. Moments I spent with my naïve self; vague of the brutalities and injustice of this world.

Fashion, Love and Football are said to be the universal languages; yet, the list seems incomplete for grief is one that is vast and most personified to all.

We all have known grief; she just might have expressed herself in different ways to us all. To some, she materialized when a loved one is lost to death; and others when things don’t actually play out as planned.

She has been a keen companion. We got acquainted ever since the impeccability of my heart was stolen from me. Most of you know of that moment when “a she” defiles your mind and “a she” comforts you thence.

I; alongside many others, grief for the loss of that part of us we were deprived of even at such early state of living with situations disguised as knowledge of how things operated hereon.

I grief for the excruciating pain that lingers still in my hear backed with regret of taking the bait that was stretched right at me under the pretext of insight.

Self-denial is now incorporated in my DNA,  guilt becoming a loyal companion and anger; a dominant strand of my personality and in depression have I find solace. The perfect gift of NOT KNOWING until when required had been stolen long ago; even before we knew we had it.

Many might not relate, and some just pretend not to understand. But we all grief; silently longing and wishing to obtain an opportunity to be pure at heart again.

To be void of the awful knowledge and experiences that haunts us.

I grief; for the death of my innocence.