When a person is fed with ill news, especially about one’s self, the birth of depression occurs and it is in fact at this point that this seed needs be killed completely and not neglected.

An unsettled business with a child serpent would someday be revisited by the once child, now stronger and skillful enough to strike harder.

A number of years ago a lady was in such shoes; depression was born with the news of her short lifespan. She nursed this child for a little while and then abandoned it for hopes of enjoying what was left of her life.

A healer at that time told her to stay steadfast to his instructions and she would get better, this she did for a while and times got even well, as it was as though these were the best times of her existence. Life buttered her bread to a solid point that she totally forgot of what was declared her fate and so she did nothing even about that anymore.

Blissful she got, so much that her dreams began to materialize with much speed.

At the peak of her seemingly successful story so did her predicament strike her even harder. This time she didn’t see it coming as even the very state of things changed so rapidly.

Now it all seemed as though she went in a full circle, returning to where she started from, only that this time, the abandoned child was now grown and vast in operational skills.

Depression struck her real bad to a point nothing felt relevant to fight for anymore. Life was all black and white with no desire to venture.


Undealt with Depression has a way of striking again. Causing much harm than one could have prepped for.

This is her present state and it is taking lots of grace to retrieve her from this pit, don’t let this be your story or that of your loved ones.

Deal with depression early, reach out to someone today.