There has been a hovering knowledge of many bloggers/writers all around (even those I know of) not doing anything major for a while now. It all seemed as though this period was declared The World’s Writing Holiday. Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder why exactly this was so.

To many, certain other important activities that needed urgent attention rolled in and stole away their times, and to some, it was sheer laziness. To another faction, the lack of drive caused it all and a little faction intersects all the aforementioned reasons.

Time, they say is ever dynamic, and not so patiently for her conveyed passengers to catch up with the speed of her evolvement. The periods are becoming quite different and a lot are being shed off. Still, certain things, especially the creativity of writing, isn’t one that is a stranger to this evolution. And as such, is one of the too many things that would not go out of existence.

Many creative minds have been clustered and bled of their zest, thanks to the mountains of happenings around the globe. A lot of desires have been kicked to the curb out of fear of not being heard at all or even enough.

The current state of living globally is characterized by too much of everything and little/no space for the expression of uniqueness. Yet, there is still adequate room for the silenced to be heard.

This might be considered a rant, a waste of effortless reading, but then again, what isn’t considered such these days.

I stopped, for I intersect all reasons above, and I write again for the need to remain true to what is inherent in me. The voice yearning to be heard.

Whatsoever Skillset you’ve got, wherever you find yourselves, never quit for certain external reasons such as not being heard/seen. Just do your thing and live in your world.

For all might seem dark now, it surely would bloom soon.