The process of growing up bagged lots of memories and a keen one is of a time I felt not talented enough; or should I say, UNTALENTED.

This was a phase characterized a solid feeling of being not good enough especially with the bliss emanating from the surrounding activities, transcribing swiftly.

Having siblings with celestial vocal skills was a great threat to me for they not only sang random songs together and all, but also made it so obvious that I was the ugly duckling of them all.

I recall a day when we were having this sorta siblings-bonding thing and the ambiance was so delightful. They started to sing and that made it even better, up until I decided to join in as they sang one of my favorite songs. One after the other, they kept quiet and mopped at me as though I was guilty of a murder they knew of. I asked why they stopped and they read me my rights, talent-wise, and men that day, I just managed to stay happy because the jokes they made about it pierced deep.

I began to feel my talent was being ‘untalented’ and so I started settling for just that; at least it was once said that that was the same kinda talent KK had.

Being the Odd one out of the flock actually paved a way for depression and thankfully motivation to explore other fragments of my newly started life.

With time came the dance passion, fashion freakiness and then the discovery of this skill; WRITING. Surely, there is a lot more to be unraveled about my embedded capabilities.

Now I look at them in the face and say, “why was I trying to blend in with you guys when it was always obvious that I stood out?”

I am beyond UN (one) Talented; for they are many.