Hey there, it has been a minute I shared with you. So, let’s get right into it.

Spanning beyond a title, the name/word Tiwalade has its roots fixed in the Yoruba tribe (which translates ours is the crown | The Crown is ours).

This; like many other names, carries a connotative meaning that not just has to do with some crown, but pans into topics such as royalty, importance, and collectiveness.

In the course of life unfolding, we realize that everyone is found performing functions, thereby playing their uniquely assigned roles in this massive production called LIFE.

At this, it can be inferred that we need each other to survive. The peculiarity of every individual’s role some worth interprets as no one’s performance is to be measured with respect to the very next person, rather it would be weighed based on their quality and returns at the end of it all.

Now that this seems to be our consensus, I dare to say that if we were to be awarded, every man in his/her own right deserves a crown or better still has a crown associated with their names and peculiarity (category).

Names (including mine) in several ways interpret our lifestyle thereby capable of triggering a mental awareness/ silent reminder of whom we are meant to be and the kind of things we are capable of.

What you allow yourself to be called some-worth becomes thy reality; because a saying goes: there is power in the words we speak.

And so, choose ye this day your identity and follow suit to the very end your assigned title and attributive roles.

The crowns belong to every one of us; and so in place of self-doubt, challenge to be better.