Hailing from the Eastern part of Nigeria, TONY NWOSE (an Igbo boy), had his childhood memories meticulously imprinted on with the Lagos life. Growing up for him came with a realization of how average he was in all things; not smart nor talented, not unique nor born with a silver spoon. He definitely wasn’t an extrovert and all of these made him the known quiet child.

Yes, he was well known for being quite but none, save himself, was aware of his progressive mood disorder which became his acquaintance as at age 15. This disorder is famously called depression.

He saw himself as a symbol attributive to eternal failure and this was the very mentality he bagged while pathing home for the university in 2014.


Being a freshman at Enugu State University as a Banking and Finance Student, he was ascribed an introvert with lots of hate for everyone around, lecturers inclusive. This didn’t sit well with people; thus, prompted for him to be summoned by one of his then Lecturers, who helped him see the light even amongst the seeming darkness in his path.


This man taught him a fundamental life principle saying “itemize everything you hated in life, everyone you love and why you love them”. Doing this made him realize the inspiration he was drawing from those he loved and a channeled understanding of how most of them were fashion oriented; thus, the mental alertness and rebirth of his love for fashion. The craving for fashion had always been within him, lingering in the darkness of his mind for he never considered it as relevant option to explore until that event with the lecturer; wherein, he left with a charge to identify something that he loves daily and ensure they are actualized.

He then approached a number of people that had been in that line of modeling for quite a while to obtain some sort of tip or a connection. This; of course, didn’t play out as smooth as he projected, for he was rejected many times and faces several challenges. But these were no longer strong enough to break him.

In the 2nd semester of his first year, he was opportune to compete in departmental pageantry on the 2nd July 2015, of which he won and this was the tiebreaker that interprets to who he is today; a man that enjoys doing what he loves: FASHION.


(Below contains some more personal content he would like to share).

 He says:

The modeling industry is not without challenges for even these make for her to thrive and the models to succeed (provided you know the right actions to take and answers to provide per time).

Some of the challenges I have faced over time include:

  • It was tough for me to stick a steady gig unlike those I met in the business as I was a newbie.
  • There were discouragements and all sorts of ill news just to waver my interest.
  • Same-sex controversies.
  • Diet schemes to look perfect for a perfect interpretation of what the designer has to say.
  • Time and sacrifice also cannot be left unmentioned among many others.

Lots of these challenges are recurrent but a few of the things that have kept me moving are:

  • The Passion I developed for fashion as it were.
  • My mentors and the fact that I have mentees that look up to me.
  • Respect for myself and the choices of others. Irrespective of your color, agency or sexual preference, I choose to respect you for you and work with anyone in and with all professionalism.

Fashion to me has been more of fame than money; the industry brings you much of the former than it fills your pocket with the later, as opposed to the opinions of a lot that connotes, ‘when you are famous, you must be really rich’.

Being a model is much difficult than it appears, but once one gets adapted to the modus operandi consisting of the fashion shows, photo sessions, need to always look good and fit for job quotations, then it all becomes smooth. On a personal note, I do advise that it is wiser to explore the very broad opportunity called SHOW BUSINESS. Asides modeling, delve into areas you have a capacity such as styling, consulting, grooming to mention a few.