When the thread sojourns through the eye of a needle; the process of creation commences.

The aforementioned can be likened to a potion requiring certain ingredients to be brought to life. The tape; taking measurements, while the scissors run the cuts. The chalk for markings and very importantly; The Tailor.

All of these and much more make up the basic foundation for the act and art of dressmaking; one too familiar line of business with exerted passion, innovation, skill-set, and an undying craving to always learn.

The artist (DESIGNER as fondly called), irrespective of any revelational idea that pops, needs these to make them a revolution; something exquisite enough for all/selected classes of the socio-sphere to rock. Making a dress/garment/apparel seems so simple yet tedious. Many a time we (end users) are oblivious of the creation phase.

The process of dressmaking starts with an idea, one that requires deployed actions that bring us to our focus; the RITUALS.

Certain things have been considered as “needful to happen” in every tailor’s shop, especially in this part of the world and these are things we would like to pry.


  • The needle has to piece through an apprentice’s finger before such is considered to know and be getting better at tailoring.

This is a 1 too familiar concept that has almost transcended into a fashion tradition. In as much as this is a fallacy, it is one thing that inspires such an apprentice to know more of the trade and pay attention to detaining. I for one paid attention to ensuring I didn’t pierce my finger.


  • Late nights and festive rush.

With festivals and ceremonies comes the desire/need to make a new garment. This on the part of tailors; who are trying so hard to bag more jobs and pay, means more clothes from several clients and shorter deadlines.

On some occasions, they can meet up with the needs and time frame given to them by their clients. On others, the wailings that emanate from their shops expresses the degree of disappointment the clients have had to bear.


  • Charge fee fluctuations.

Now, as have been said earlier, every tailor likened unto other spheres of entrepreneurs are keen on making ends meet and so this piece of the pie isn’t too much of a stranger. At some moments, the charge for making a garment can be said to be affordable (obviously with the social status of the client as a consideration) and at other times, it so seems like they bill you with all their financial needs in mind.

But then, haven’t we all at one point or the other being guilty of this?



  • And, there is the legendary “what you asked for is not what you get conundrum”. This is a terrible attribute associated with this line of business and has over time morphed into being more of a ritual; something that has to be carried out at one or several periods during the cause of the business’s span.


These are some of the rituals that happen in a typical tailor’s shop.

Do you think we skipped any key ingredients? Let’s hear from you in the comment section.