Oh, Lord!

An encounter such as this is more than capable of introducing a compulsive humility and more.

So I had to head into Lagos on Friday morning for what proposed to be a busy day with a seemingly impossible set of tasks. Knowing that I had to be in 3 locations within an awfully short timeframe, I woke up very early, did the morning rituals and picked an outfit for the day.

On other days such as this, I would have just worn some jean and shirt, but then, my “Wanna look good side” decided to speak.

Considering it was a Friday, I decided to put on native (technically, native pants and jean shirt). I headed out feeling so self-love and all. If only I knew what the day had in stock for me.

So I took some time to try put my day in the best order that would benefit me; time-wise, and things were falling perfectly into place.

Until the driver said he wasn’t going to stop at Berger (which is the location for my 1st task).

At this, I dropped at Opic; 2 stops from Berger, hoping to take a bus that goes there. Then it hit me that there was still 1 more stop in between, so I asked the driver to drop me there instead.

He agreed and then I attempted re-entry. Then it happened.



With phobia and lack of belief of the gravity of damage, I told myself it didn’t happen and moved on. My alight at the new stop came with all reality flooding my mind and person.

If I were to be a lady, the concept would have been, “My bride Price just got slashed thanks to Jumia Black Friday”, but in my case, I just had to figure out the next step to ensure the day went on fine even with the humility that suddenly engulfed me and found expression in the way I walked and communicated with people.

The 1st task had me drenched in the rain, cost me my phone (causing this story to be delayed) and soonest birthed the 4th task for the day.

The 2nd thought me patience with Lagos drivers and life itself cause all could be lost in a split of a second,
and the 3rd; well the 3rd put some smile on my face, showing the appropriate prediction for progress.

The fourth task was for me to return to where it all started; home and await the call of a driver that is on a return trip from Ibadan as the document I was to go acquire in the first place was already given to him.

This life ehn!

Well, on the long run; despite all the damage I incurred, all that seemed impossible has actually been leveled with the grounds and almost everyone is happy.


Have you had a rough experience on Lagos road before? Would you like to share your experience?

I would like to hear from you in the comment section, as would all other readers.