Hello dear readers,

Hope you did enjoy my last entry. So, on to this very one.

It is quite known that the element of pressure has been one powerful weapon in the hands of society at large, and every being at the grass root.

One way or the other, we cower into her embrace, and at whatsoever speed, fulfill the very reason of her existence. To do better/more/exceedingly than what is attributive to one’s present self has been her goal.

As children, she mostly appealed to us as vying to be the best in schools and probably being 1 of the top 3 in our classes. As teenagers, she magnifies with an introduction of peers as fuel, generating the desire to be socially up-to-standard with what is set as the current trendy thing.

Do not be deceived by believing pressure departs with puberty, for even as an adult, the strife somehow finds her way into our workspaces, ambitions, goals, social standings and morals.

In her very self, “Pressure” isn’t much of a bad thing; but when paired with people’s expectations and standards she becomes our very nightmare. When applied right, she helps us go beyond our known limits, but in wrong application scenarios, can push us beyond the boundaries of life.