Hello readers,

To some that are acquainted with the dictionary, our topic today would seem vastly relatable. And to all others like myself that just came across such well-constructed word; Panjandrum: means a Very Important/Influential Person.

I mean, we all desire to be influential; to have all the fame, fortune and frenemies.

This notion so many a time is immediately killed with a counter belief system hardwired into our very DNA as humans called self-doubt and the effects of our present reality.

This isn’t one article to state what is meant to be your truth (you alone can decide that), rather focuses on the fact that we are all as important as we perceive and portray ourselves to be. The saying,” as you lay your bed, so you would you lie on it” transcends beyond planning so as not to fail story.

I believe our Alter Ego, for many, is an expression of a connective link to the vast possibilities we have to be the best we are capable of being.

The world isn’t set to change on its own, except you begin to see her in newer perspectives. You and I make up this pretty place we call earth and the way we see each of ourselves is what projects on the globe.

This sort of seems like a rant, some hocus-pocus that isn’t meant to be put together in the first place; but then, is it?

We all have what it takes to be famous; at the very least to our individual selves. Know yourself better and never stop reinventing.