With her name depicting wonders and her presence, comes all the light of fun.

IYANU is a live representation of her nomenclature. All round goofiness, the life of the room and really optimistic about activities. This babe is all round a pleasant pest, one that you just always want around.

I met her some 2 to 3 years ago, caught by her beautiful rendition of a Spoken word she was working on. The lines were so perfectly constructed and I really desired to be a part of it.


Soonest, we began to work on a piece for PSF Fruitful seeds day during RCCG Songs of Victory in 2017(Audio above). This brought us much closer and we started sharing ideas and picking each other’s brains. Of course, we had what seemed like a talent Manager (Awesome Ojumu) and the entire process made for the end result to be desirous.

On the day of the rendition, my phobia for stages kicked in, but when I saw how terrified this babe was, I had to hide my fright and began to encourage her. This truly was one of the hardest things I had had to do as of then because I wasn’t big on swaying people. With the intervention of a number of legendary people she finally decided to come up with and did the piece.

She suddenly lost all sense of fright; or should I say that we traded it, for with her gaining confidence came my phobia of messing up.

In the end, we got applauded and commentaries on the beauty of the piece.

This was the beginning of the friendship journey.

We soon acquired more friends and generated some sort of bonding platform call HOUSEMATES. We worked on several projects together and would be working on much more in times to come.

Some of our past celebrated works together are RCCG Teens Fashion SHOW (G.A.R.F), Brands Promotion and of course, my birthday shoot.

All of these were made possible with the assistance of BAMISE, FUNKE, DANIEL, FUNSHO, OYINDA, and GRACE. Oh, Grace! She is a tale for another day. They each are.

Characterizing IYANU:

The only girl qualified to go for men conference; okay that was just a joke. She is the able photographer of the house, skillful and well; obviously, a tomboy. She is a savage to the core, ever while maintaining a smiley face. Frustrating people’s lives (Esp. Bambam) comes with ease to her and well could be a girly girl when she wants to; she just hardly does. She once was and ever since has been a girly girl during PSF workers dinner. (See her blog for that gist; titled: I think Tiwa caused it).


Strong Point: Open-hearted; super friendly.


Iyanu is a Photographer, UNILAG babe, and a content developer. She runs a Fun-to-Read blog: www.speawrit.blogspot.com

You should go check her out some time.