As boys are unto blue, girls are to pink.

These have been the very factions that society has torn the fabric of gender into. As a male child, it becomes a norm for our senses to be fed with all things blue; likewise are there certain kinds of things, dreams/jobs a female child is expected to aspire towards.

Think about it, while we were much younger, boys played with all sorts of car toys and were inspired to be engineers and the likes. Female children on the other end are remanded to dolls clothed in pink and other tools to play “house”.

As a male adolescent, it became almost wrong to be caught crying. “Be strong and not let your emotions out” became the order of such gender at that age. At least the girls were allowed to express how they felt and still be cared for.

But how much further/better has this binary brought us from where we started?

Here we are with heart hardened men and ladies that aspire to be a Mrs. Our girl children dreaming of their wedding days and the perfection of their dresses. The male folks vying to be better than the next, even if it involves unhealthy competitions.

Not to be misunderstood, yes, a woman is regarded as a helpmeet to the man, but should also be regarded as better half; one granted with her humane rights to choose what career path to thread.

This isn’t a color battle; for even if the reverse is the case as it once was, we still would end here. The elephant in the room is that of societal constraints on what a person is expected to become, express, associate with and much more based on gender.

We all know the saying “All lives matter”, now we need to bring the saying to life by giving our children equal opportunities to be the best they can be in life. Break the color likability barriers and enjoy the whole perks of living.


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