On today’s episode of STYLE-ISH, our spotlight beams on one of my all-time onscreen sweethearts. Some might recall her as the girl from wonderful movies such as Honey 2, The Christmas Chronicles and my favorite, a much recent lead character; Bonnie Bennet in The Vampire Diaries. Our style meal today is from the awesome plates of Katherine Graham.

So, sit back, stay glued to your screen and enjoy some of my favorite Kat’s styles.


Look 1: The French Madam Look.

Kat has a good body structure and skin tone; one that is defined because she has grown to understand it and always opt for fashionable pieces that highlight all these. Pairing a white striped shirt, black pants, some waist net detailing and a gold purse; pulls a chic look off on its own. But she (Kat) took it a niche further by wearing a short bulb hair, little makeup with pink lips and the ultimate piece; the black beret.

This look fits well for a regular day, a get-together and much more.


Look 2: Yin & Yang Juxtapose.

Still, with the short hair (which I must say is a killer cut on her), Kat in this very outfit serves us a monochrome love, a look depicting a balance within whatsoever one’s mind can fathom as waging supremacy wars; most especially good and evil.

This monochrome-blazer short dress coupled with our star girl equals stylish; don’t you think? I bet you do.


Look 3: The Sexy Badass.

Leather naturally has a legacy of making statements whenever worn, but it gets amplified when composed together in the right proportion and by the right muse.

In this look, Katherine dished a ruffled black leather blouse and a matching short skirt. She didn’t stop at that as she further announced the look she was gunning for with a well detailed black leather bag and ankle boots. She surely pulled this one through and let’s not forget the thin dark shade glasses.


Look 4: Yass Gurl.

Say the word “Kaboom” and she happened. This ravishing style got me on my toes as I bet is getting your style game rad.

Crossed tops are of the most daring fashionable pieces and our darling Kat; with a well-shaped body, pulled it off alongside a matching (both black) long skirt, a black purse, and fine stiletto heels. Of course, the brunette hair added some spice to the look.


Look 5: Chic Royalty

Let’s make a potion; shall we? Yes, lets.

Requirements: Some Skin tone bodycon, sheer polka dot top, floor-length diamante cape with matching trouser and silver metallic heels adorned in studs to elevate the look.

Kat slammed this look in our faces at the Paris Fashion Week show with a smoky eye shadow, nude lipstick, and her bulb hairstyle.


Bonus looks:

These 2 looks also caught my attention not just because of the presence or absence of enough clothing, but for the attention to detailing, skin work and an array of simplicity speaking even louder.

What do you think of our picks? Let’s hear your views in the comment section and remember; it’s not just about reading, but also about adopting a few tips to keep our games abreast.