Being a fashionable person is a very profound skill and when crowned with friends that not only get you but they also have a keen sense of personal style. Its definition goes beyond the textbooks of what is considered the rules of fashion. It transcends from “what and what is fashionable” to “this and this expresses one’s personal style” in reality.

Often times, it’s the simplest beings that pack the most punch and these queens are no different from that. They make up a little something that I like to call The Ministry of Glamazons (not that they know of it yet. Lol). May I (re)draw your attention(s) to these lovely ladies and how their style sense speaks volumes of who they are/what they represent.


Theresa Okafor 


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The gram brought about our acquaintance and her genuine friendship & support brought us a step closer. Theresa is that girl; not only with the brown and orange themed IG account, but one that desires a thing and ensures that her dreams don’t just die at that stage: Just a dream. They have to be tried/ given a test of springing forth before they are at worst let gone but to be visited later with better necessities for them to thrive.

Her Glamazon Ministry is that of Consistency.


Boluwatife Ayinde


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Adorned with a beautiful soul, bright smile and keen intelligence, Bolu appears to be and is one simple lady that has a layout of goals on a checklist. She knows what she desires out of life and is constantly striving to become better versions of herself.

Of them all, she is the Plans and Execution Minister of Glamazon.




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Have you ever heard the tale of a foodie that never gets fat?
Well yes, and that’s because Adetoun applies the principles of diet balancing alongside some other tricks up her sleeves.
Adetoun; a.k.a. OlounjeLagos (foodie), is one multitalented power lady that is out and about doing more for herself thereby ensuring that she stays culturally, socially and financially relevant even among pairs. She contributes heavily to the lifestyle game by showing her strong alliance with the food faction which is a keen sister to the world of Fashion. Her style game is also Peng.

She runs the Hard work Ministry as a Glamazon.




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My mood anytime I get to wear @dvnx_designs

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Baby la hot” would be one expression amongst others to qualify this fine piece of a friend. Being a Special Effect (SFX) makeup artist out of fun, her attention to personal style is impeccable. She does not just define her personality through what she wears but also through the love for her hustle.

Glamazon Ministry of Passion.


Bolaji Ajibare 


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With the billions in her name and the social media savviness, this Bee is a bundle of adorableness and strength. Bolaji continues to thrive; working hard at what she enjoys doing: Being online. She keeps metamorphosing into the “go-to person” for everything digital growth and social media marketing.

Trust me, she never leaves her fashion nerves out of the picture. Thus, the girl with Brains and Style. She is the Glamazon Minister for Vision.

With all of these; you might have a couple of questions as regards my picks and why. Well, simply put, this is not just about these 5 ladies but rather touches women out there still putting in effort towards making our generation better than the last and enabling the one to come to be than ours.


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