It’s no news that Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is one of the top fashion trend setters in the very sphere of our style savvy country; Nigeria. Ranging from corporate suit glam, through casual smacking looks and down to the “Yoruba Demon” worthy traditional attires; Ebuka never overlooks an opportunity to drop our jaws and obviously steal beyond 2 looks at him.

With all these in mind; here are some of my (recent) favorite Ebuka outfits that kept me glued to my screens and desirous to scout for more.


Look 1: Boys wear Pink.

Many have tried but not much have been able to pull off this look. The fault isn’t really theirs to bare, but that’s a story for another article. Ebuka in these looks (the Double breasted 2-piece suit and the Baby Pink 2 piece suit) interpreted some of the best ways to play safe with such bright colors.

Paired with white shirts for both looks, a red tie & pocket square (from picture 2) and white sneakers (picture 1); he looks smashing.


Look 2: Freshest J. Bond.


I bet you just got nostalgic and futuristic at the same time as you gazed on these pictures of Chukwuebuka in a grey 3 piece suit which he adorned with a leather strap accessory. This not only accentuated the appearance but also opened up the “suit game” to a whole new dimension. And let’s not forget the turtleneck shirt and the black Chelsea boots.


Look 3: All Citric for You.


This look happens to melt my very heart (my love for yellow is beyond me). With a body chiseled into shape in the right proportions, this look was not only well put together but also ascends into the books of African Men Glorious Looks.

Yellow can be quite tricky and loud; requiring a matching degree of confidence to be pull off adequately. But our dear fashionista was up to the task and he smashed it to the core.


Look 4: What’s a Hero without a Cape?

Ebuka brings out the best of every outfit fortunate to be worn by him and likewise it in him. This has always been a vastly know phenomenon about our Fashion superhero. But then, what is a hero without an occasional portray of his grand styled appearances in jaws-dropping capes/agbadas? In all 3 outfits, his sense of style is magnified.


Look 5: Special Agent on Slay Duty.



Being in a Military-themed outfit has never been sexier and cleaner. The attention to detailing, choices of colors, belt, head warmer, shades, hand bead, down to the shoes pulled off the entire sweet-boy bad-ass look off the charts by creating a higher ranking list. But again, it’s The Ebuka we are talking about; all of these are quite expected.


Look 6: His Royal Freshness.


If being fresh, fly and on top of your style game were to be a crime, surely Ebuka would definitely be guilty to a fault (lol). This look sends all sense of thrills, sexiness and definition of self-understanding, appreciation & branding.

Ebuka; His royal Freshness, We stan!


Honorable mentions:


What do you think of my picks, let me here your views and also share with me some of your favorite Ebuka Killer looks.