Spreading its very tentacles across the continent of Africa; it’s no news that fashion has come to stay in Nigeria.

 Ranging from new ideas to the re-branded oldies; the trend wheel never cease to spin as all angles of the socio-sphere has a handful of fashion soldiers ensuring that the style savviness of the civilians are up to date.

When the word Slayer comes to play, the female gender is all that is imprinted in the mind, thinking of how they sway. But there always have been the Masculine kings that fight the battles of fashion on and off the ring.


Below are a few of the obvious; although not a justice to the league,

Some of which stay true to the course; answering the “slay call”.




The legendary RMD as he is fondly called, is a man we all are aware of his accomplishments in his days (not that they are over) and his recent style revamp make heads turn as he keeps to surprise his generation alongside ours. It is rare for a younger generation to get style challenged by the older but this man here does this with so much ease.




He is a reputable model, fine actor and a man with good looks coupled with a fashion sense. Alex is a man versatile with apparels having understanding of the diverse settings and occasions. His taste for style makes you crave to be him; or at least be around him.





Shocker right! That is the exact same way I felt when I stumbled upon some data projecting his unique sense of style. This talented actor has got the heights, good looks and a keen sense of fashion that tend to be intoxicating even within the industry and without.





He is a perfect account of “The fashion definer”. Mai Atafo (@maiatafo) has not only created a niche for himself in the African fashion sphere but also made a remarkable imprint on the very fabric of style in Nigeria. This fashion artist, editor, stylist and entertainment consultant is one that can be said to have understood the nitty gritty of the industry and is never shy to dish it hot and spicy incorporating elegance, class, poise to mention a few in his works.




Now this is a statement maker. Ebuka is a style genius that has and keeps to shake the industry with jaw-dropping outfits. His looks, accessories and that charmingly warm smile he displays sells every look immediately you gaze at him.