The style train never runs out of business for there always are rangers on standby, to ensure its Trend engine is utilized to the fullest of its power. Amongst these style rangers are:


NOBLE IGWE @noble_igwe


Hail the king, for he is royalty. We are uncertain of Nobles’ ties with other traditional thrones but that of style we know for a fact. Igwe; connotatively meaning king, has for years done justice to breaking certain fashion rules and making new ones that spontaneously go viral. He is not only famous for his sense of style and achievements but also his personality and interpretation of all that emanates from him. One characteristic feature of his fame is the door in the background of most of his pictures.




DENOLA GREY @denolagrey


This man is your go-to person when fashion uniqueness comes to play. The haircut, cheekbones, the look. Yes! He makes us all secretly wish we were him. Denola ensures to express himself through his exquisite sense of fashion; as such, he is a class of his own, always wearing elegance like a fragrance. Denola grey is a brand model and an ambassador who has recently delved into acting. Catch up with some of his acting skills on CASTLE AND CASTLE.


AKIN FAMINU @akinfaminu

Charm and brains are rarely deposited in one person; only a few are capable of utilizing both exceptionally and Akin is a part of that few. This doctor and graduate from the prestigious University of Lagos made the idea of modeling and self-appreciation much more acknowledged as he runs documentations (via blog and social entries) on his personal style and why certain pieces of fashion are relevant/season.


 ADEKUNLE GOLD @adekunlegold

Call him Gold, his music platinum, and his style EXQUISITE. Dekunle is not only lanky, handsome, and talented, for he complements all these features with a defined love for the African culture, especially Western Nigeria. His signature look; being wears made out of either Adire or rich African print, gives in-depth meanings to his music and his personality being a person that highly values tradition. He is a wonderful reflection of the harmony between MUSIC and STYLE.


FOLARIN FALANA @falzthebahdguy


We have seen the Bad, we know Baddo and Folarin’s unique style brand is the baddest of em all. Falz (Stage name) is not only a lawyer/songwriter confined to his passion but also a style savvy kind of guy. He interprets his characters; be it on Jenifa’s Diary and beyond, with his appearance and apparels. This multi-talented man keeps to revamp the face of fashion itself even as we know it.