Just because you know not of our existence doesn’t mean we don’t. Your seemingly perfect life is so just because of our intertwined involvement with you. We are your yin and you, our yang; you see we complement each other perfectly.

We; a collection of what is ascribed “all of the bad of this world” and personified as I: SIN. A three lettered word that has raised such turmoil and gained followers faster than the ray of light. Appealing to Your-SELF in all manner and a loyal buddy to tango with.
Oh! How beautiful I am. My skin, my hair; the glow, the shimmer. I bet you desire to be me right now. Oh wait! You can’t.

(A little pause and then a smirk)

Yet, you can be with me for I am a great companion. One that would ever be loyal to you and we are prone to have a lot of fun. I; like bubble (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets), have many shape shifting toys for you to play with. Guess that’s why I am regarded as ‘Many’.
If you don’t believe me; ask your antecedents.

Most of you deny the knowledge of who we are yet chiefly apply our principles. In the real sense of it, you just prove to be loyal acquaintances, for isn’t deceit and denial the very second chapter of our doctrinal manual? Many of you; rather than to spill out, lock me deep within, granting me VIP access to your minds while you play the sanctimonious card to all and sundry.


Some of the elites of your kind regard the apple given to your first mother as the poison causing your current state of living and relationship with the Great Creator, but have you taken a while to understand that it actually isn’t about the apple but the act of disobedience.
Noncompliance with the very basic directive given you made for the juicy trade I so orchestrated; an apple for your dominion.

My venom; even in my many selves made for your kind to be weak.
You say POISON; I say O (Oh!) US.