It’s no news that drug abuse is very wrong; what many are ignorant about is the very concept of abusing the drug itself.

Drugs are a combination of chemicals and certain minerals that were strategically designed for peculiar purposes; all of which have their basic ingredient extracted from nature.

My experience with such an abuse is one that gave me an insight as of how high and wasted drug addicts get.

So a friend; let’s call him A, came and stayed with me for a few months during which he taught me of the nutritional components of bitter leave and we started to incorporate it in our meals; even in noodles (Indomie). Certain times he would squeeze the juice out and we would drink. All was fine and good for even the zits on my face cleared and I felt fresh. Another friend; Say B, came around who lives very close and I convinced him to buy into the idea.

A’s time with us expired and he took his leave. B came visiting one day and I decided; for the first time, to do the juicing. I was there forming bad(t) guy while B assisted.  We prepared a meal to eat (This time we didn’t add the leaves to our meal as we needed just the juice) and then took the extract first then bam!

We got super high.

The extent of drowsiness was unimaginable. We got very light headed; didn’t make much sense in communication and hardly could we make a smooth journey to the doorway of the room.

Twas after a couple of hours when we got some hold of it that we realized we were meant to dilute the extract with enough water before consumption.

The day after was dedicated to visiting the white house on a reg.

Drug or no drug; a proper understanding and utilization of substances at our disposal are key to avoid unfavorable aftermath effects.

I have once been a victim of an overdose, but now I AM OVER THOSE.