I had it again; this time much vivid. A mental projection of the images and situations my brain painted a few hours to when my consciousness got suspended. Not necessarily going into a state of sleep, most, if not all, are capable of imaginative picturization which in turn guides our procedural actions and interpretation of unfolding events.

Time and again, I dwell in dreams; awake or asleep, with the aim of executing optimized activities. Adventurous scenarios play out with all ups and downs, a necessity to come out triumphant becomes a sole motive of the heart because a whole lot is at stake; many eyes are watching, looking out for the end bit with a resultant wired response.

At this, success seems the only option as anything other is a grade of non-accomplishment. I need not remind you that ‘No man recons with failure especially when it is personified’.

Coupled with so much hard work, mental agility, focus, persistence and but of course a Spiritual beings support (God) the images begin to fall into place according to how they were once illustrated/imagines in my mind; it all starts with the mind and sustained by the same.

This is an expression of the similarities in dreaming while asleep and awake. The activities to unfold all commence with the Mind Power and it takes the same combined with the aforementioned; even more, to actualize the dream to the very end.

Stay true to your dreams, unearth them and never doubt the power of your mind because it is capable of things way greater.

If you can see it; you can be it.