In a fast growing world with rapid population increase and speedy technological advancement; the need to adopt control measures becomes inevitable so at to tackle an impending treat such as extinction, hence the one child/per family rule.

Still in this fatal state, 7 innocent girls were birthed into the world and forced to take to just one identity; their mothers. In an attempt to ensure their survival, with the help of their grandfather, they each got a shot at “living beyond the walls of their apartment”, only on the day of the week that is their name.  

For years this plan remained effective and whatever happened to one happens to all. The end of the day served as a crucial part of their lives for it served as that time to share with others every spec of info to help with smooth running of affairs and this did they all do to ensure survival; or didn’t they?

You would have to see this movie to find out more intriguing parts of the story.


  • Survival is key; in what so ever situation you find yourself, always sort for ways to survive.
  • Stay true to ‘your team’, for any act of backstabbing always makes Karma come knocking someday soon.
  • It isn’t bad to set goals, but they need to be communicated so as to avoid hurting people around.
  • Irrespective of the hardships around, remain focused on the mission ahead, and see the bigger picture.
  • When you see the bigger picture, try helping other also to see through your eyes.