An evident trait of photography; according to Robert Frank, is said to be that it contains “the humanity of the moment”. And a good picture is described as a frozen moment that reveals how rich reality truly is.

I mean, why else would one go into such business line without a passion to trap memories (in form of pictures) and aid beautiful reminiscing in time to come.

This; therein, is our focus for today as we digest a photographer’s tale from being in the blurry crowd to the focus of his niche.



I am JOSHUA UDEH, a 90’s lad born on 4th of September and hailed from Enugu state. Gifted to a Christian family comprising of Mr. & Mrs. Udeh and 4 other siblings, I was born and we (the children) were brought up in Kaduna State.

I attended Zikas Destiny International School, Kaduna for my basic and high school education, after which I gained admission into the University of Enugu in 2016 and now studying Mechanical Engineering.

Hard work has always been my forte from my days as a child because my parents instilled this in the very upbringing they gave us. As such, I have been growing, staying dedicated to my endeavors even while maintaining a solid love for rap music.

As a young lad, I craved being a rapper someday and so I channeled all I could towards it. I learned music production in a studio in Kaduna which resulted in my ability to release a number of tracks. These tracks had a branded word I was known for “screw”, which in turn made up for some fame even within my geographical area. With the dream to be a rapper still being the focus, I began and learned cinematography in 2017 so as to shoot and edit my music videos. I acquired some level of expertise at it and in return, the newly learned skill started taking care of a few bills.

At my realization of the need to obtain a video camera, I did seek out for help from my uncle who got me a DSLR camera (Sony Alpha 450) which was designed for just pictures. With this gift came the need to learn about photography; a knowledge that I fell deeply in love with and therefore explains where and who I am today.

I am a photographer! And my brand name is @screwphotography


I started off having a few challenges which involved operating the camera, understanding the techniques of editing to mention but a few. with time and consistency, I gradually got better at them both.


Photography; to me, is about the expression of creativity through lighting. Deploying appropriate light to acquire the proper definition of the subject being photographed. The better your light proportions, the better the output in conjunction with a good edit skill. I basically do more of portraits but sometimes venture into little landscape and travel photographer. I do cinematography on the side now.


Sometimes in June 2018, I got signed as an official photographer for The Billion Inc. (@thebillioninc) and the fun in what I do began to blossom.


I am currently regarded as :

  • the youngest professional photographer in Enugu State.
  • the only recognized photographer in the whole of engineering faculty in Enugu State University of Science and Technology.


P.O.V Ends.



(Here are a few chat lines between iWalade and Mr. Joshua).

IWalade:         What degree of support did you get from family and friends when it all started?

Joshua:           Not much support, especially from my dad.

Well, I didn’t get enough support from my parents as of then because they were all about me focusing on education which was highly understood and so I learned to balance both.

A lot of my friends were highly supportive and they aided swift publicity, motivation and served as models for my practice. I had a number of collaborations.

IWalade:         Have you ever had instances where you are required to take nude pictures of the models/customers.

Joshua:           Yes; Semi Nude.

IWalade:         How were you able to put Self-desires aside and remain professional?

Joshua:            I have learned to adopt a principle of always taking business seriously and first. Every other thing is secondary.

IWalade:         What’s your take on the notion that photographers; most times, end up getting intimate with their models?

Joshua:           That isn’t right. It is expected that everyone sticks to the business at hand and not cross the line of professionalism. It’s just that most models tend to get intimate for several reasons.


In a nutshell, the Passion and love for photography are what keeps him going.

This isn’t just a story for your amusement, rather is one that seeks to inspire you to identify what drives you and the need to key unto it.