In about five years; times would be different.

In about 60 months; maturity would have set in and things would fall into place.

1825 days from now, dreams would be made manifest as my reality.

All of these I told myself when I was 17. It’s amazing how time has flown; many things have changed and some others look indifferent.

For starters, I am aged without aging a day; still looking 17 as though Peter never left Neverland. With lots of proposed desires yet unanswered and lack of those resources I seemingly thought would have come so swift and easy; the drive to prepare for the future becomes less of that and more of a forced activity.

Not to be misunderstood, I’m not saying certain things have not been achieved; rather, that the speed propensity to flipped milestones hasn’t been as proposed.

Surely; now I am much wiser, exposed to wider ranges of life and her offerings with a better understanding of the principles that govern. Although stock in genetic growth like that of Adaline, my thoughts are not as they were. The Holy Writ that engulfs what the next half-a-decade would be like isn’t just profound but also applicable with terms and conditions as of when necessary.

In 5 years I would be better than I am now at this.

Writing from the abundance of the heart; applying the technical principles that guides and grants in-depth revelation as to the mysteries of the mind while at work.

In 60 months, fashion; as it has become an organ within me that aids self-expression per time, would have grown into my very system of relaying the vast range of information my heart desires to share with the world.

1825 days to come would be a due time for the buried capsules of all desired achievements to be dug and weighed with respect to reality.