The good book says, “In everything, give thanks”

And that is just about what I am to do next.

Even when the situations are tough

and the path we thread seem rough

I still would find it from somewhere within

to be grateful for the life we’ve been given.

You came into my life through a movie, and like that you became a lead character in my very story. We laughed, and cried, argued and prayed together. You taught me more than i thought i was mentally capable of. Pushed me to be better and never took credit for them all.

Rather, you gave God praise.

You rubbed off on me likewise me you.

Drew me closer even when i was at my deepest mess. Cleaned me up and cared for me like none other. Told me i was stronger than who i perceived myself to be and as a matter of fact, your strength.

Why else shouldn’t God be praised?

But you failed to tell me that all of these were to be short lived. You promised me forever but it’s been barely 4 years. You left me twisted in the winds without no word other than I LOVE YOU.

Now i’ve got a wide pit in my soul; a void created from you yanking out of my life. How can i burst out in praise right now?

I feel lifeless, holo and pushed away. Nothing is interesting neither is life worth anything right now. You left without a notice but ensured you fashioned me to be ready for anything. Anything but this.

Now everyone tells me to be strong, let go and build on the legacy left behind. But where do i kick off from.

Thanks for  BLESSING ME with KNOWLEDGE of you; but i am angry at you for impaling my mind like this.