I have moved on and I’m long over him, or so I thought!

Truly it’s been half a decade since the I DOs was revoked, both parties taking and leaving with what belonged to each.

Now I am back to being single; my favorite and old self,

Yet; nothing seems familiar as they were prior to when our paths intertwined.

With achievements here and there, cute & anti-aging body and a flood of suitors,

You would think all things ought to be perfect now. Rather, they keep hitting a firm wall.

It all feels like some part of me is missing, pieces of my life’s puzzle lost to him, getting me nostalgic.

Should I call him? Should I not?

Let’s pay him a surprise visit, get some of his favorite wine and those things that always made him want us. Pick the keys in the flower pot right by the doorstep and await his arrival halfway naked on the bed.

He definitely would be thrilled to see us and at that moment would think of nothing else but to jump u… WAIT A MINUTE!

Why is my mind waging this much war? Just because I miss him doesn’t mean I need him back.

It definitely can’t be him I miss, it shouldn’t be.

I guess it’s safer to say I long for that fragment of me that he took with him.