A very foundational element of every fashion rule is that they are subject to change; little wonder so many of them get broken or suspended in the cause of an event or time itself.

The once not too popular footwear with all hideosity has been widely embraced in recent times and spontaneously rising up the wanted list since the year 2000. Clogs, as they are widely called, are cushioning, hideously adorable footwears created in an easy to slip-in form alongside capacity to blend well with any sort of outfit. They come in different sizes and colors varying from the plain ones to the conceptually characterized ones suitable for all categories of people.


One fast-rising brand is that of Crocs Int. as they have been able to commit to producing lightweight, fashionable, comfy and functional shoes (Clogs) at much affordable prices using a proprietary closed-cell resin material called CROSLITE (It is anti-microbial thereby eliminates odor).


This not so new product that has gained the spotlight in recent times is; in my idea, a must have in one’s collection especially as we approach the rainy seasons. They are water friendly and grip firmly to the ground avoiding sloppy scenarios.


Clogs are the new funk when it comes to easy to slip on footwear. Adding one of these to my collection likewise yours is a total fashion asset acquisition. What say you?