What am I to wear?

Is this combination approved?

Am I keeping up to trends and the seasons?

What is my style?

All of these are major questions that are frequently asked in various ways postulating our desires to be fashion abreast. No one wants to be tagged a fashion convict yet we want to venture into new ideas and unique looks. The war has gone back and forth for quite some time and taken for the courageous; those who Dare, to aid the evolution of this very sphere of human existence.

Fashion has over decades been ascribed diverse meanings, all still boiling down to the essential ways of copulation/combination of element/materials so as to achieve a desired look or appearance. Your sense of fashion shouldn’t be judged by what works for another; rather, what would for you putting into appropriate consideration your unique feature and the pre-agreed guides to help people with your sort of composition.

To ensure we are still on the same page, I am not saying you stick to copying the style of people with your own body type and structure; I mean what then would be the need TO DARE? What I am professing is for us all to DARE TO LOOK OUR BEST while using the pre-agreed safe rules for our kind as a foundation.

Aside all that has been said earlier, one key part of this style fuss is Confidence; for without which not even the most elegant of wears would pass off for perfect.

It takes vision, courage and the gut to dare to join the legendary fashion gods thereby creating a niche for yourself out there. All spheres of human existence requires that you take the bull by the horn and venture into this seemingly wilderness, so as to someday show all others the way and the beauty in the wild.