The advent of fashion can’t be tied to a certain age, as this is believed to have existed for all times ever since the knowledge of the human race. Subject to changes, what is deemed as fashion; as it were, continues to evolve incorporating various factors thereby generating new ideas or inculcating past trends.

Irrespective of the variation in the fashion world and interpretation of ideas, culture and beliefs by fashionistas (designers, stylists, fashion journalists and editors, photographers, makeup artists, models to mention a few) it is of great essence that a key accessory is owned and worn by every person that desires to identify with this world of FASHION AND STYLE;

This is none other than CONFIDENCE.

Comfort is a key attribute when expressing one’s self via fashion. An interpretation of ideas, motives, and feelings is paramount to be complemented with absolute confidence. Your range of confidence irrespective of your apparel depicts your comfort rate. Little wonder models are always expected to be proud on the runway despite what or who they are wearing. To avoid misconception, not all garments exhibited are fit for everyday life or any day as the case may be; still, learning a few things from these professionals would really help with how we approach life activities generally.

Fashion is not restricted to social gatherings, photo shoots or runway, as it also influences one’s mental state of wellbeing, depicts our emotions and projects our present status (socially, economically and the likes).

So, an advice I give myself is this:

Live life with confidence; for if every day were to be a fashion show, and the world a runway; the best accessory is none other.