“There are two kinds of pain in this world. Pain that hurts, and pain that alters”.


These were the words of the elusive Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) who doubled as an UBER driver for a regular job and a vigilante when the need arose.  A man totally beyond what meets the eyes with a keen sense of smell and observation, Robert in my perception is that mysterious real-time vigilante we all need around.

Serving tyrants with a balanced diet of justice seemed like his style and with the right motivation; the murder of his best friend and former colleague -Susan Plummer- came the declaration of war; thus, an appropriate trigger to utilize his skills and potentials.

“A superhero, whose power is knowing things before you do”, Robert took it upon himself to take out a crew of ruthless assassins who’ll stop at nothing to destroy anything that obstructs their agenda, Robert inclusive.



  • It takes talent to make money and brains to keep them.

  • Kiss the ring and set a timer; deal with those situations showing to them who’s boss.

  • Always be nice to anybody that had access to your toothbrush; literally, everyone because you never can tell who would turn out to be of relevance to you out in future.


Who knew an UBER driver could be more?

Who exactly is Mr. Robert McCall?

You will have to see the movie and find out.

In his words: I leave you the best of myself.