Do you Look the Part to be it or Fake it till you Make it?

To accord anyone as something, one needs to put in the work by dressing to look the part.

A little saying,” Dress the way you want to be addressed” comes in handy in instances such as these.

And on a farther reach, rest the “fake it till you make it” belief that easily slips into one’s keen ideals at the slightest instance where adequate caution isn’t upheld.

How rude of me to have yanked you along this far without clocking in.

Hey, how have you and that precious mind of yours been of recent?

I hope this meets you quite well as I also am.

With that out of the way; let’s dig on.

The time unfolded has successfully brought an array of peers into my life unevenly distributed amongst the facets of social, economic, financial, cultural affluence, and much more.

Some, holding me in high esteem  and others I do the looking up to.
(And that my friends make up the tricky landmark of life.)

Those that look up to me ascribe me titles such as boss, celeb, good writer and all.

While I also desperately desire to measure up with those I look up to. And just right there, the sly act of faking it comes knocking.

I began to slip into the category of wanting to play the part as perceived and dished out to me by peers and loved ones.

But soon did I realise I was not being totally true to myself as I had gone a little too far from seeing what I wanted and just aligning with respect to my current truth.

There lies the invincible yet existent line separating   both sides and without deployed care, I just would have end up on the wrong side.

With a need to keep this concise; it becomes imperative to realize that despite we aspire to be better versions of ourselves, we are never expected to lose focus of

• who we actually are and

•what we currently represent.

Aim for the best of futures and the good there in but ensure you live in the Now.

For to have the best, one needs ensure that what is at hand is the right seed for what is to come.