The very mention of it sends chills down one’s spine.

A menace that eats from the inside of its victim out to the very surface. Seductively attractive by name yet ruthless and fatal when she picks up a host. She announces herself to all that cares to observe (in the host) but reserves the secret as to how she actually operates. Gradually she grows stronger even as her victims suffer a parallel effect.

She has metamorphosed from small enterprising to being a global entity. A household name she has become with the very world placed under her feet as she spreads wild and faster across borders.


The damsel never in distress; nomenclatural beautiful with all the attributes of a raving diva. She is relentless and sees to the execution of goals especially when she picks a perfect suitor.

She has bruised many in ways to be considered inhumane; has caused for battles that were hardly prepared for; making her victims close to lost causes once she strikes.

With all of these; it surely can be postulated that she is insurmountable. A fierce dictator and King whose style of leadership is ruining her cabal (the victims). Even chemo submits to her at the very last.

What then can be done to uproot her supremacy over our kind? Where then shall we go to escape the vile terrain?

I know not many answers but one. Submit to a greater King and let the battle be within them. This menace has got to be brought to her knees. Now than ever.