Our reality; many a time, causes for this to be the perfect description of who we are. Shattered pieces of our emotion lying around with almost no way of connecting the dots.

When life decides to happen in the most unfavorable ways, everything that once seemed important loses all sense of relevance. Time becomes an enemy and living transcends into a nightmare that needs to be desperately ended.

A state of being broken most times attracts the infamous depression, causing for all that was once colorful to become grey.

One tends to drown in the very ocean of negative possibilities that engulfs and it becomes seemingly impossible for one to believe any good can come out of Nazareth.

Being bruised causes for all hope to be lost, and a fragmented life makes such; in all ways, not capable of seeing the other side tagged beauty. Good life to the broken is interpreted as a tale that is never achievable.


-But beyond all odds-


Words alone wouldn’t do the trick; rather it is a starting point.

Being bruised and broken at one point in life is a terrible thing and most times causes for one’s death even while such keeps to live: Walking Dead.

Yet; isn’t necessarily the end of the road. Even the scripture records that a bruised reed shall he not break neither a smoking flask shall he not quench.


The beauty about being bruised or broken is that you stand the perfect chance to be that vessel Christ uses to disgrace the devil and bring hope unto others. For even God uses the foolish things of this world to prove his supremacy. This is only possible if you refuse to give in and permit for His will to be.

A lot of us are broken in ways that seem beyond repair.

Despite the beautiful faces and smiles that we wear, something still kills us from within.

Deal with that parasite feeding on you from within now before it actually becomes the death of you; for at the point of death is the truth revealed of your options to have lived.