About me

I am TIWALADE KEAZOR; a high-spirited lad with all shades of drama, fun, so much love and everything that lies in between. Nonjudgmental by default but wouldn’t turn a blind eye to what is wrong. I’m Energetic towards creativity, passionate about the Arts and most of a Spiritual being.

 I am a graduate (recent); Business Administration and Management, with so much craze for writing, fashion, relationships, social events, and friends.


IWALADE is a brand name coined from the Yoruba language translatable as ‘Character is the crown’, if modified; ‘CHARACTER IS THE NEW CROWN’.

iwalade.com is a self-expression oriented brand with respect to fashion, lifestyle and all other social relationships. We preach “Fun at its fullest” regardless of the social rules and societal constraints (These things shouldn’t define who we are; rather, we them).

Thank you so much for stopping by; I Hope you Stay and let’s embark on this adventure Together.

Having FUN is our CHARACTER.

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