There are lots of wonderful memories associated with growing up; all of which contributed to molding us the way we turned out today.

One that would not easily slide into the forgotten archives is that of:

(White Misty cloud. Background song: Adekunle Gold’s – Back to the Start)

Once upon a time; from a period not too long from now, a child was born… wait! This isn’t the right time frame of the story we intend telling.

(Fast-forward about 10 years)

So this child; already having 2 younger siblings, grew with an equality mindset even amongst his siblings. They related with each other as though they were mates and this made people see them as equals until one dramatic day when his younger brother insulted him; an insult with a gravity that pulled down the walls of his composure and triggered his sense of seniority. With this came rage as he charged towards his younger brother and slapped him.

The slap lasted for about 2 seconds but the aftermath effect was what sent his ego back to the cell of shame. His brother’s left ear started to bleed and cheek got swollen. The once enraged brother became the very scared and confused one. He tried all of the silly ways he could think of to put the event behind them as though it never happened.

Luckily; he had a friend whose mother was a nurse. The issue magically got dissolved into a gist for times such as this and a solid threat tool in the hands of his siblings, as their parents; till this day, are oblivious of the entire drama.

Another was when this boy was given his lesson fees back when 5k was valued as the present 100k. He lost it while playing with friends and had the fortitude to tell his mum that he did in such way. Put yourself in his shoes and give an answer to what you think could have happened to him. That slap even till now resounds in the administration of his affairs.

We should call this SLAP OFF THE EGO